About Us

16142485_200008120468160_1773721720618649250_nThe Silver Orange is a place for teens (ages 11 – 17) to come hang out with their friends, explore their interests, try new activities, and to engage in creating a place that they can call their own. Our goal is to create a safe environment that sparks creativity, socialization, and a great time.

We have board games, Foosball, billiards, video games, digital art and music computers, a variety of instruments, an art space, snack bar, turntable with records, and so much more. Come hang out with us! If you’d like to see something added, let us know. This place is for you!

We are also one of a small handful of all-ages music and art venues that work diligently to support the scene for young musicians and artists. We host at least one concert every week and one art show every month, and are available for bookings by bands and other types of event coordinators. Contact us if you’d like to play a show or hang art on our walls!