All of our classes are free for participants and are available on a drop-in basis at the times listed.

*Schedule effective January 1st 2018*

Monday 3pm- 5pm –Singing Class
4pm – 8pm — D&D Dungeons an Dragons
5:30pm – 7pm — Rock Band Class
5pm — Garden Class
Tuesday 3pm – 4pm — Art Class
5pm – 6pm — Teen Talk
5pm — Garden Class
Wednesday 6pm – 7pm — Teen Talk
6pm – 7pm — Digital Art
5pm — Garden Class
Thursday 3pm – 5pm — Guitar Class
5pm – 7pm — Rubiks Cube 2×2 & 3×3
5pm — Garden Class
Friday (Starting September 7th)
3pm – 4pm — Dungeon Master class
4pm – 8pm — D&D with DM practice
5pm — Garden Class
7pm – 9pm — Ukulele Class (Limited Time)
Saturday (4th of the month)
4pm – 6pm — Copic Marker Class

*If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer and teach a class at The Silver Orange, please contact us!*